Untitled ( 2011 ) – Haunted House in Wales

Untitled ( 2011 ) - Haunted House in Wales

​I was pretty stoked about reviewing this film as the story is based within a haunted house in Wales (my country of birth!).

I know the film is actually English and 99% of the actors are also English but this was still a treat for me!


Yeah I’m gonna try not to get to biased here as this film was definitely not a classic. At the same time it did have it’s positives and oh, did I mention – it’s about a haunted house in Wales 🙂

The film starts of with a WELSH news broadcaster reading the news (OK I’ll stop with the Welsh thing now!). Again I was awfully tempted to go biased about this and say it was a wonderful start to a found footage film – but it wasn’t really!


The whole film seemed to center around the jealousy created between a filmmaker and his girlfriend. Let’s go into this in a little more detail…..

A filmmaker, his (hot) female director, his girlfriend and a rich producer mate end up in a haunted house in Wales trying to capture some paranormal activity.

The hot producer bird seems to get on a little to well with the filmmaker and his girlfriend is not over the moon about this.

I found the more the film slipped into the paranormal sector the bigger a part this jealousy played in proceedings!

The Layout

The film starts off with the four main characters meeting up in London and walking about the famous city with their camera. You know the type of scene – very pretentious and British, trying desperately to have fun!

Whilst it didn’t look that natural it did give us the opportunity to get to know the characters and it becomes blatantly obvious that the rich producer guy fancies his chances nailing the hot director but she is not at all up for it!

So we then move on from London and end up in the haunted house in Wales……

The Haunted House in Wales

So after a handful of Racist enough Welsh ‘sheep’ jokes the four of them pull up to the so called haunted house. When they arrive there they find out they have no mobile phone signal (surprise, surprise!).

So they meet up with the only Welsh actor in the film (the owner of the house) and he tells them to watch out for kids messing about at night. He also tells them there have been complaints about vermin in the attic so it’s off limits – sounds fishy right?

Slow, Slow, Slow

Yep, I’m afraid the film does get a little slow once they arrive at the haunted house in Wales. I was not to bothered about this as it’s the same case with most Found Footage films – the calm before the storm!

Most of this period of the film is taken up by the documentary itself so we are let into what actually happened in the house. The jealousy keeps re-appearing from time to time but nothing really out of the ordinary happens.

Paranormal Activity 

At last we start to hear noises upstairs and invisible characters knocking the bedroom doors. There is a minor scare factor here and then we are taken to the following morning where the hot director bird has a strange burn mark on her chest that happened as she slept…….


Again, that’s as far as I’m willing to go because of the spoiler factor!

I felt I could forgive the film’s certain faults due to the high quality acting that went on throughout it and the story development. They only had a reported $2000 budget so they had to get the atmosphere right – and they did!

There were strains of Paranormal Activity throughout the film but this is normal these days – if you’re gonna learn it’s best to learn off the best!

I loved the idea of a haunted house in Wales being the backdrop for a found footage film so I did enjoy this film. Those of you out there that are not Welsh may well think this is crap……the ratings on IMDb are pretty average – not bad and not good.

Personally I was pleased I was viewing another British Found Footage film with accomplished enough actors. The suspense and atmosphere was pretty good and for a low budget it seemed to tick all the boxes.

If you like Found Footage Horror then there is a good chance you will like this!

( oh and did I mention it’s based in a haunted house in Wales 🙂 )



    • Hi Emeric – nice to hear from you again! Yeah I thought this was a pretty decent film but I am a little Biased ( I’m Welsh! ). The actors were all well cast and did a decent job in this one – very believable!

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