Victims (2011) – Movie Review

Victims (2011) - Movie Review


At last, I managed to find the scrap of paper I wrote the title of this movie on!

I’ve mentioned it a few times over the last several months or so, but I couldn’t find it again on Amazon Prime (then again – who can find fucking anything on that shit-heap of a movie site!) and I couldn’t remember the title.

So here we go – Victims.

A pretty simple title at the end of the day, and one would think I’d remember it…but I didn’t.

Anyway…for those of you that skim these reviews instead of reading – it’s quite good! 🙂

The Plot

A camera rolls as the balaclavas are pulled securely over their faces. The van doors burst open and a man is bundled inside. They drive…. Why has this man been kidnapped? Where are they taking him? Who is the victim?


Yeah I’m moving onto the conclusion near enough straight away because I watched this a few months back now, and I only found that piece of paper this morning. That means it’s not exactly ‘fresh’ in my memory.

So I figured I could neatly fit the main points into a conclusion section…and not have to ramble on to fill space (I’m not a good ‘space-filler’).

This is a British movie, but I’m not being biased in any way by saying I liked it, as I did enjoy many parts of it legitimately. It didn’t have any sort of budget really, but it didn’t need it – it was a solid thriller with no need for paranormal effects or CGI creatures etc.

The main strength of the movie, with no punches pulled, was the level of the actors involved. You could tell it was a completely independent project, but the actors were ‘into it’ from the word go, and took on a rather serious subject really well.

Now, here comes the problem with this review – I can’t really give you ANY sort of clue to what the plot is with this film. To do so will completely ruin it for you.

All I can say is it’s not horror, so no haunted asylums, witches in the woods or Bigfoot incidents – 100% thriller (and a decent one at that!).

The acting is really solid for the most part, the cinematography is intelligent considering the plot it follows, and the finished result looks pretty polished. Unfortunately that’s as deep as I can go with it.

The one and only drawback with the film was the running time. Once the ‘big reveal’ comes out and emotions are running high, there does tend to be a bit of a tennis match between certain characters. The movie only reaches 81 minutes but I thought it could have been wrapped up really neatly at about 70-ish minutes maybe?

Anyway, that’s just my personal opinion on it – others may well think it’s a perfect running time (if we all agreed the world would be a boring place!).

That I’m afraid…is as far as I’m going with the review for this film.

I’m not going to spoil any aspect of the plot for you, and I sincerely hope I’ve tweaked your sense of interest in it enough to watch it.

It’s on Amazon Prime at the moment, but don’t expect to find it straight away…because there’s a shitload of movies on there with ‘victims’ in the title. Maybe throw in the term ‘Found Footage’ with your search?

Anyway – in my book it’s unique and definitely worth watching.



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