Victor’s History (2019) – Movie Review

Victor’s History (2019) - Movie Review


I’ll start this off by throwing a thanks the way of Randy for introducing me to this Amazon Prime indie – it’s a movie I would not have come across otherwise…because I think the search algorithm on Prime is absolute gash.

Anyway, it’s a little bit of a gem for this year, as there really haven’t been that many ‘good’ Found Footage movies released this year (it’s been a pretty bad 12 months in this genre of horror!).

I’m not saying that this is great film, but I am saying it’s one of the more interesting releases of 2019…

The Plot

Vic hires Dorian and Zuhair – a bullheaded documentary filmmaker; and a mild-mannered cameraman-to immortalize his personal hero and role model, his late father. Vic and Dorian fundamentally disagree about the integrity of their subject’s character and Zuhair is caught in the cross fire. As the three travel across France, they peel off the shiny veneer of Vic’s family legacy, exposing tangled cobwebs of secrets. Trapped between his past, present, and future, Vic struggles to keep control as everything he thought he knew, is flipped upside-down. Shot documentary-style with natural light and no crew, Victor’s History digs deep and unabashedly asks the question: How far would you go to keep your family’s legacy intact?


When you first come across this movie, you’ll see it listed as a Comedy, Drama and Thriller – I don’t think this is a fair reflection on the movie’s subject at all. Personally, I would stick with the film being a thriller, with good performances from the characters that lead to amusing conversations (much like in real life).

I definitely wouldn’t call it a comedy…or a drama for that matter.

Anyway, as I touched on above, the characters in this Found Footage offering were really, really strong, and portrayed very well. I’d go as far as saying that the main strength of the movie is the natural (and sometimes humorous) interaction between these characters.

Don’t get me wrong – the plot is good, but the film shines due to the interest and time you put into the characters when watching it.

The cinematography is quite excellent, as the film was shot in Saint-Raphaël, Paris and Béville-le-Comte (all in France, obviously), and some of the rural locations were extremely effective and attractive. I also found the overall quality of the cameras in use pretty good – clean and clear, very little ‘grain’.

It’s also worth noting that the director of the movie, Nicolas Chevaillier, also plays the main role of Victor in the film. This indicates to me that most (if not all) of the cast were probably quite new to being in front of the camera. Take it from me – they did more than an impressive job if this is the case!

Interesting, fresh, original…but a pretty shitty last scene (that’s the only downside I took from the movie). Definitely worth a look in my book.



  1. I liked the characters plus the whole conversations about perceptions etc.
    The ending wasn´t for me but untill then i liked the ride.

    6 of 10 Blood Diamonds

  2. I’ll give this one a watch soon. Came across another ff on Amazon yesterday called “a stranger’s house”. Its unoriginal but kept me watching until the end and it was actually a fun watch

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