Voodoo (2017) – Movie Review

Voodoo (2017) - Movie Review

I’m going to be bold here and say that there are only two REAL fuck-ups a Found Footage movie can have, and should always stay away from.

The first is a soundtrack – this is a big cock-up in my book but I have watched a few FF titles that have survived this mistake and actually been quite good.

The second is the cardinal sin in my book – when you find yourself sitting there asking yourself…

“Who the fuck is supposed to be holding the camera now?”

This is closely backed up by…

“Why would you be filming this?”

There’s no getting away from the fact that Voodoo is a pretty adventurous Found Footage title that ends up being quite unique…but it certainly falls foul of a few cardinal sins at times.

The Plot

The film follows a Southern girl named Dani as she vacations to Los Angeles to meet up with her cousin. She’s on a sort of mission to evade her crappy love life…but it seems to be intent on following her wherever she goes…

Shit happens!

What Just Happened?

Okay, I’m probably going to shock a few of you by stating that I actually liked parts of this film – I thought it was very brave and original.

On the flip side of the coin…it was a complete mess with Grand Canyon-sized holes everywhere!

I think the main problem with this movie is that it tries to take itself seriously…which means I shouldn’t have been laughing in certain scenes…but I was.

When the end credits rolled I found myself sitting there thinking….what the fuck just happened to the last 30 minutes of that film?

Again, it was brave – unique even…but the complete lack of meaningful dialogue or sensible flow left me with a confused smirk on my face.


Full credit to director Tom Costabile for attempting something new in the Found Footage genre…but that’s probably where the credit should end.

I REALLY wanted to put out a positive review on this film but after watching it twice…I can’t see how I can?

The movie seemed to lack important connections and suffer for it. Take the first scene (which I won’t go into in detail due to spoilers)…

This initial scene turns out to be a completely random scene that doesn’t manage to collate with ANY of the other scenes in the movie.

I mean seriously – if anyone out there knows what the point of this initial scene is PLEASE use the comment section below this article to let everyone else know!

The acting was pretty average overall – I’ve seen a lot worse floating about the Found Footage genre so I’ll leave that alone.

The special effects…

I think I should probably stay silent on that one…you’ll see for yourself!

I did enjoy parts of this film but if I had my hand on my ‘critic’s heart’ I’d have to say that I was fully aware I was watching a bit of a mess.

I love watching Found Footage films and sometimes this clouds my judgement when it comes to rating them.

That’s not going to happen this time…

If I had to describe Voodoo to you I’d say…think of As Above So Below with a $10 budget for FX and script writing.

It’s definitely fresh, it’s definitely brave and it’s definitely unique…but there are so, so many holes in it.

Not a classic (far from it).



  1. I really hated this one, the two leads are insufferable and the writing/acting is God awful from start the finish. Its attempts at being “shocking” in the second half of the film were tired and ultimately went nowhere. Literally nothing about this film worked in my view, a painfully bad attempt.

  2. Have you seen the found footage film Bunker of the Dead (2015)

    • Hmm that sounds familiar – but I’m not sure if I’ve watched it or not. I think I’ve seen the name pop up and not realized it was a found footage film. Nice one – will have a look for that tonight!

    • Dude I just watched this flick thanks to your suggestion. Despite the abysmal acting and horrible dialogue and jokes, it actually was super entertaining. Thanks a lot for pointing this one out my fellow found footage freak!

  3. Also can you recomend any found footage military movies like Alien Origin (2012) and if u haven’t seen alien origin please watch but if u have can u suggest any like that?

    • That’s another one that rings a bell – I can’t quite remember what it’s about though…
      I don’t think I’ve put it up on this site so I’ll have to check it out again!
      I can’t suggest anything really until I re-watch the movie!!!!

  4. I’m glad you found this where we talked about. Even with all the huge loopholes and grave found footage errors like adding a background score or wondering who is holding the camera, it still left me with my jaw dropped and thinking, “What in the holy hell did I just watch?!” And I think there is something to be said for that.

    • It was certainly different – I’ll give it that. And even though I haven’t given it a glowing reference here, I still kinda enjoyed bits of it (much like you did).

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