Was Elisa Lam Possessed?

Was Elisa Lam Possessed?

A Cecil Hotel maintenance employee named Santiago Lopez wasn’t expecting to come face to face with a dead female body when he inspected a rooftop water tank on February the 19th, 2013.

He was responding to a hotel guest complaint about the water pressure when he stumbled upon Elisa Lam’s body.

The discovery was disturbing enough…but the baffling video that showed her moments before her death…was even more worrying…

Was Elisa Lam possessed?

Why was she acting in this strange manner and who was she talking to?

Let’s take a closer look at the Elisa Lam investigation…

Elisa Lam

Lam was a 21-year-old college student who traveled to Los Angeles from Vancouver alone, and went missing from her Hotel room soon after she arrived.

A week went by and the Los Angeles Police Department were still left scratching their heads – they then decided to release security camera footage of Elisa’s last known whereabouts…

After the video was released – the internet went wild. Conspiracy theorists, paranormal investigators, spiritualists and amateur internet sleuths all had their say.

In the strange video you can plainly see Lam pushing numerous level buttons at once and poking her head out of the doors to check on ‘someone’s’ location. She then ducks away frightened into a corner of the elevator.

For some reason, maybe the amount of buttons pressed – the elevator doors refuse to close.

She then starts to dart her head out of the doors once again, before leaving the elevator to stand by it’s entrance side.

It is at this moment that she begins to gesticulate strangely with her hands – was she in a conversation with someone/something?

She finally leaves the security camera scene and walks off…then the elevator doors mysteriously start working.

The Unexplained

So why was Elisa Lam acting in this strange manner – what was behind her erratic behavior?

A large majority of internet users that have viewed the video are certain that her actions are down to psychedelic drug use. Had she taken something LSD-based that she had no experience with before?

There have been theories thrown around regarding a possible pursuer – was she on the run from a dangerous person inside the hotel?

the Elisa Lam investigation

I recently came across an interesting theory that involves a Korean game. In this game you are supposed to go through a ritual of pressing buttons on an elevator to unlock some sort of paranormal code. This then allows the user of the elevator to enter another dimension.

Those with a scientific head on their shoulders believe that Lam was suffering from bipolar disorder. Without medication this disorder can create a manic episode full of hallucinations and psychosis.

Did this psychosis bring on the hallucination of someone following her – was this why she decided to hide in the water tank?

The Hotel

Many workers at the hotel are not satisfied with the bipolar angle – they believe there had to be something else behind this strange incident.

The water tank is located on the roof of the hotel – and only certain members of the security-based staff have the keys to it’s door entrance. Lam could have used the fire escape to get there…but she would have triggered numerous fire-related alarms inside the hotel if she did so.

Then there’s the openings to the water tank – 10 feet off the ground.

No ladders were found in the vicinity of the scene when Elisa’s body was found.

The Hotel Tanks

On top of this you have the water tank doors themselves – they work without a hinged system in place. How did she manage to get into the tank then close the lid tight behind her?

That would have been impossible.

It’s worth noting that the Hotel Cecil has links to the notorious serial killer named Richard Ramirez. He was nicknamed ‘The Nightstalker’ and actually lived in the hotel during 1984 – during this time he murdered 13 people.

Now, many believe that Ramirez’s murderous actions have led to a paranormal power being left in the hotel – a very negative one.

There have been numerous instances of suicide at the location since he lived there in 1984.

Conspiracy theorists have pointed out that the time stamp at the bottom of the frame skips forward during the playback of the video – it’s almost as if someone has deleted about 60 seconds of the scene?

They have also highlighted the fact that Lam’s mouth is pixelated when she is speaking – why were the police trying to cover up what she was saying?

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