WEBCAST (2016) – Movie Review

WEBCAST (2016) - Movie Review

It’s been another one of those months that has seen a fair few indie Found Footage directors use the contact form on this site…which is usually a pretty cool moment (for me anyway!).

But I have learned (the hard way) that this situation could well turn into a double-edged blade – sometimes it leaves me in a difficult position.

Let’s be blunt here – some indie offerings are pretty sh#t, and I don’t want to ‘tank’ them on this site if I can help it.

BUT…the film I will be covering today is not one of those tame offerings – it was actually really enjoyable.

It was sent to me by director/filmmaker/writer Paul McGhie who informed me that it took 5 years to put together (and was self-funded for £6500). It is currently being submitted to related film festivals.

Raw but at the same time pretty bold and uncompromising, I enjoyed this one and I have a feeling that most of you will too…

The Plot

The movie follows two student filmmakers who stumble into a bit of a devilish affair next door – They soon become convinced that their neighbors might be holding a woman against her will.

Keen to discover the truth of the matter, they start to run surveillance on the house next door…

Things get pretty messed up!


I suppose the best way I can pigeon-hole this film (without taking too much away from the plot) is The Wicker Man meets Found Footage.

Like The Wicker Man, it’s also British, and like The Wicker Man, it’s also pretty f##ked up!

Being Welsh, the settings were all blatantly familiar to me.

Terraced neighborhoods, green (yet dull-weathered) wooded areas and the general banter all seemed to fit comfortably.

The familiarity also brought in a great deal of realism and this helped build the atmosphere from start to finish.

I also think that the overall strength of these indie films relies heavily on the type of actors you are able to bring in.

I’ve lost count of the amount of promising FF films that have fallen by the wayside due to totally unconvincing performances.

Not the case here!!!

Not only were the two lead actors spot on, the surrounding cast, for the most part, were excellent.

To be honest (and a little biased), it’s nice to see an original film from this genre come out of the UK and end up at the level it is at.

I’m not sure if Paul is planning on sticking to this genre but I sincerely hope he does – some filmmakers have a knack for it and it would be nice to see what he can produce with a higher budget.

I know he is aiming at getting this movie to the level of a cinematic release and I believe it has a good chance IF it manages to get the right support behind it.

There is also a dedicated website covering the movie named I Saw The Webcast which contains a lot more information about the release.

Dark, original, and believable – well worth watching.



    • Hi Dalton,
      I was lucky enough to watch a screener given to me by the director (with a view to reviewing it on this site!). I think they were releasing it to Amazon etc. first (legit streaming sites).

  1. If you follow @ISawTheWebcast on Twitter you will keep up to date, but release is planned for later in 2017, aiming for VOD and DVD with possible limited cinema release

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