Willow Creek ( 2013 ) – Frightening Bigfoot Encounters

frightening Bigfoot encounters

So the Found Footage genre decides that there is not enough frightening Bigfoot encounters on the silver screen and we are confronted with Willow Creek as a result. As you can probably tell I was not over the moon at the prospect of sitting through another Bigfoot movie but I wasn’t exactly spoilt for choice last night.

Haven’t I Seen This Before?

Most of the frightening Bigfoot encounters I have sat through in this genre of filmmaking are pretty average at best. I have watched a handful and I have found them confusing and a little over adventurous in their storytelling.

I really don’t know why this is as basing a Found Footage film on various Bigfoot encounters should be pretty straightforward. I mean you’ve got a few campers, a dark night and a forest – what more do you want?

At Last Something Worthwhile!

I’m pleased to report that Willow Creek seems to have at last got it right – simple yet frightening Bigfoot encounters filmed with class and style! I think this is mainly down the director Bobcat Goldthwait who seemed to realize people were getting sick of the same sort of setup.

For those of you old enough to remember – Bobcat Goldthwait was that mad, high pitched voice character in the Police Academy films back in the 80’s. I had no idea this comedian had moved into the directors chair but I’m glad he did!


So it comes to the point in the review where I have to be careful I do not ruin the experience by throwing out any spoilers. So I won’t go deep into the story line I’ll just cover the basics….

This was definitely one of the most frightening Bigfoot encounters I had ever experienced. The first fifty minutes of the film had me wondering if it was indeed a horror – nothing happened!

We were following a couple around the various tourist spots in ‘Bigfoot Country’ and they were trying to create a sort of documentary. This was not exactly a new idea by any stretch of the imagination but the actors were excellent and the filming was impressive as well.

The last half an hour or so brought about a drastic change in the direction of the movie – it was petrifying!

Something Unique

The most frightening parts of the film were set out in very long segments – sort of filmed in real time. This made them atmospheric and memorable. It’s not often I think about turning my head away from the screen but in certain points of this – I nearly did!

It was a unique atmosphere that was quite unnerving. The actors were very believable and the situations they were in were terrifying! There’s something really disturbing about being stuck inside a tent with footsteps and vocal sounds outside (Blair Witch).

The film seemed to have more ‘guts’ than most of the other frightening Bigfoot encounters I have come across in this genre. It didn’t concentrate on showing us glimpses of a hairy leg or a pair of eyes in the dark – the terror was handled in a completely different manner.

The film makes you think and the atmosphere scares the crap out of you! Tie this in with the excellent actors (Bryce Johnson and Alexie Gilmore) and you are onto a winner!


Simply put – an excellent Found Footage film! The first part of the film is a little tame but this is for a reason – it builds towards something special. Definitely one of the most memorable Bigfoot movies that I have sat through.

The effects were almost non-existent but this works in the film’s favor – your imagination is a lot scarier than real life!

I’m sorry I cannot go deeper into the story but it really is a basic one so I’m being careful I don’t hit any spoiler alerts. Just get out there and watch the movie – this one’s a little gem!



  1. Hi Chris! I just found (footage) out about this site, so stoked! I’m a big fan of the genre and glad to see other fans as well! This will be my first, not the last comment on the site, and I just want to drop a comment on Willow Creek. Because i think your review is spot on! I think the film is really good, and it could easily be on my top 20, and I’m still thinking of buying the movie poster, seriously check it out: http://cdn1-www.shocktillyoudrop.com/assets/uploads/2013/08/file_175329_1_willow_creek_poster.jpg

    • Hey Fredd, hows it going mate – great to have you here in the community!
      Everyone’s pretty cool so feel free to leave comments or chat with other followers (they’re all addicts like us!).
      Don’t forget to share the site anywhere you feel people will be interested, speak to you soon 🙂

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