Windigo ( 2011 ) – Slender Man Found Footage

Windigo - slender man found footage

I was pretty excited at the prospect of reviewing (who am I kidding – watching!) another Slender Man found footage movie. Again, Windigo was a movie I stumbled upon on YouTube by complete accident and I was unaware of it’s existence beforehand.

Now this Slender Man found footage is not to be confused with the original Slender Man movie (both of which are in the found footage genre!) as they are very, very different creatures……

Getting An Hour And Thirty Three Minutes Out of a Forty Minute Film!

By reading the subheading above you’ve probably already guessed that I was unimpressed by certain aspects of this film……not all of them though!

So let’s get straight to the point – why oh why would you want to stretch something like this out so long? Perhaps the makers thought it would look a lot more professional if it hit the hour and a half mark? I don’t know…..what I do know is that this was way to long!

Boredom Kicks in At About The Thirty Minute Mark

Yes I’m afraid the thirty minute mark is about the right place to cut this film off and forward to about ten minutes before the end! The film starts out great with some good acting and documentary styled filming. This continues for the first half an hour and there is no real Slender Man found footage involved (which is alright – we’re trying to build up to something right?). Well build up to something then!!!! Don’t just run around a forest and apply negative filming effects to the camera!!

Slender Man Found Footage

Forgive me for sounding a little ‘up myself’ but Slender Man found footage movies should be reasonably easy to get right. After all the idea of Slender Man himself is creepy enough without putting anything else into it!

Now I’m fully aware that the creators of this Slender Man found footage had very little money to play with – the original obviously had a much bigger budget! But filling up space in a movie with the same quick turns of a camera in the same forest does not create an atmosphere – it pretty much kills it!

Not All Bad……

OK I’ve been a little harsh so far but it certainly was not all bad! The last ten minutes or so were excellent and would of fitted into any ‘big budget’ Slender Man found footage movie. It was absolute mayhem and the way it was filmed was creative, original and frightening.

It was an immense way to finish a film in this genre and it will live on in my memory for a long time. I’m just gutted that someone who produced an ending this good could at the same time mess up forty minutes in the middle of the film!

Slender Man

Through a little research I discovered that one of the actors, James Hardiment, actually directs the the film himself. This is not unheard of in found footage circles and I suppose I should go a little easier on the film considering this.

As far as the Slender Man found footage went I thought he got it right – the less you see of the Slender Man the creepier the film becomes! OK the effects were a little tired and cheap in places but the overall feel of Slender Man himself was right – he creeped me out!


This was an independent piece of Slender Man found footage and it should be watched with that in mind. It COULD of been so good if it had a bit more grit in the middle of the film. I’m not one for rating films on a scale but I would say that this was stuck somewhere around a six. If the time killing factor could be lost in the middle of the film I would actually give it an eight!

All in all it was what it was made out to be – an indie found footage horror film. I like these films anyway (as you already know!) so I did enjoy it. I would recommend it to any geek like myself who can manage to sit through the repetitive parts.

This was a half decent attempt at a Slender Man found footage movie……give it a try!



  1. I enjoy trying to find the little details in these stories that never fit together. For instance, in a lot of the slender man footage, and pictures, he appears to be just slightly taller than everyone, in other versions he is as tall as trees. Little stuff like that, I mean no one knows really, and no one can seem to verify through actual footage. I feel the same you as most people and you apparently about these found footages. Great job here. Do you have any demon or ghost, or any monster found footage movies that you really liked?

    • Hi Josh. Yeah there’s a load of films we found entertaining in the blog section of this site – every post is a full film review! There have been some great Found Footage releases recently ( Exists, The Atticus Institute and Mockingbird ) but also some pretty crappy efforts to ( Hollows Grove, The Vatican Exorcisms and Hunting The Legend ). Glad you enjoyed the site – look forward to hearing from you again 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review. I’m looking for a good Slender Man movie. Which one do you recommend?

    • There’s a recent Marble Hornets movie called ‘Always Watching’ which may be right up your street. Give it a go and see ( we’ve reviewed it here! ).

  3. Thanks for the review of this film. I do enjoy watching slender man films, however, i have not heard of this one before. It looks like i might give it a watch and skip out the middle part. Hopefully it lives up to expectations. has the maker of this movie made any others worth looking at?

    • I don’t think so Brett – this film is housed on YouTube so you could take a look at it’s channel to find out?

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