Without Warning (1994) – Movie Review

Without Warning (1994) - Movie Review

Okay, gonna try my best to get through this one because it’s been a few weeks since I lasted posted here – my youngest son has brought our household the wonderful gift of a ’28 Days Later virus’…and I’m the only fucker to have caught it off him!

So, if my writing seems a little nasty, sharp or full of sarcasm today – it’s because I’m in a foul fucking mood (and I’ve got the shits!).

With that out of the way…

Happy New Year to you all, and I hope you had a decent Xmas etc.

Anyway, I picked a decent movie to cover today because I felt like raising my spirits – it’s a 1994 ‘TV movie’ that I first watched many moons ago. It’s the type of movie that could ONLY work as a television movie, and never on the big screen – you’ll see why when you watch it yourself.

The Plot

A television program is interrupted by a news network announcing that three meteors have hit the United States, France and China. At first, it seems natural but after interviews by scientists and eyewitness seems to suggest that it is not. Three more meteors are coming and the various Earth governments combine forces to stop them.


What!!!!!! He jumped straight into the conclusion!!!!!!

Yep, I’m afraid I couldn’t get my virus-ridden brain to think of a subheading, so we’ve jumped straight into this section!

To cut a long story short – this is good…very good.

I know a lot of you reading this will probably have rolled your eyes when I mentioned ‘TV movie’, and I get it – I’m the same with that type of thing.

But, sometimes these made-for-television projects have really inventive directors behind them, and that is what happened with Without Warning. Director Robert Iscove deserves credit in getting Jeremy Thorn and Walon Green’s story up and running in a really dramatic and realistic fashion.

Seriously, if it wasn’t for the guy who played ‘Q’ in Star Trek popping up, you would be forgiven for thinking it was really happening.

From what I gather, this movie was first screened live in the US on Halloween 1994, when CBS paid homage to the Orson Welles radio broadcast of War Of The Worlds with a story about asteroids colliding with Earth.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see it live, I had to wait a couple of years for it to be broadcast in the UK, and by then, it was obvious it was a ‘creation’ as opposed to a live event.

(DISCLAIMER – I just had to lie down for an hour then come back to this!).

The movie’s plot line does a near enough perfect job of building suspense throughout the whole viewing time, I can’t remember one point in the experience where I felt bored with a scene. One would think that a newscast program would get on your tits after a while, but this doesn’t happen, not even once (well it didn’t for me!).

The actors are nowhere near the level of Hollywood ‘biggies’ but this kinda works in the film’s favour – it adds a kind of realism (and the actors WERE good, just not Hollywood level).

Wow…I’m starting to slip again here…

Okay, I’m gonna wrap this up ‘cos my head is going all LSD on me again – think the paracetamol is wearing off.

I strongly suggest that you go out and watch this film for yourself – immerse yourself in it and don’t get too picky with things. As far as made-for-television movies go – this is a heavy-hitter, make no mistake.

A classic in my book.

P.S. Global warming won’t end civilization – the viruses four-year-old boys carry will! 



  1. I remember watching this back in the 90s one evening after the pub and it span me out. I think it was on Channel 4. I’ve been trying to remember the name of it since. Thank you!

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