Witnesses (2019) – Movie Review

Witnesses (2019) - Movie Review


Found this one on Sockshare the other night, and was pretty stoked at the time because I was stumped for something to watch (I’d just finished the fourth season of Peaky Blinders and I was in need of a horror fix to compensate!).

Never heard anything about it beforehand, and the movie bio suggested it was a Found Footage title, so I went for it.

let’s take a closer look…

The Plot

Four college classmates are hunted by a ruthless drug cartel hitman when they inadvertently record a murder while shooting their student film.


Yep, straight to the conclusion once again – that should tell you where this review is probably heading!

Okay, let’s start with the ‘Pros’ of this movie, and leave the mass of ‘Cons’ until last (it’s only fair!). I thought the cast and the idea of the characters was great – there was a LONG period of FF rambling in this movie before anything actually happens…this seems to be the case with most films in this genre these days.

But a lot of this ‘rambling time’ was taken up with college humour, due to the age of the characters, and at times this worked pretty well – I found myself tittering and chuckling every now and again.

Not comedy genius – but amusing all the same.

The actors were not super-talented, but they knew how to pull off this level of humour.

The main problems of this movie walk in through the door when the actual ‘meaty stuff’ starts happening – when we’re supposed to be on the edge of our seats with the Found Footage thrills.

Well there ain’t any…thrills that is.

When the cartel move into the story the whole thing felt plastic and unrealistic. I’ll try not to hit too many spoilers here, but I do have to elaborate on a few scenes:

When the students are first filming the cartel EVERY camera seems to be trained on these ‘nasty’ men. In reality I’d be surprised if one camera was focusing on them, because anyone with half a brain cell would hide and stay hidden.

On top of this, the camera shots seem to be poking out from hiding positions not more than two meters away from the action – how fucking blind are these cartel dudes?

What first seemed to have half decent substance suddenly ended up really poorly executed – any thrills the film had to offer just seemed to dissipate from this point onward.

To be blatantly honest with you – the movie fails to convince the viewer that they are watching cartel members, and this is pretty much a large nail in the coffin of the project.

I feel pretty bad leaving the review on this note, but I’m pretty sure 99.9% of you reading this will come to the same conclusion as me. The film needed that dramatic cartel injection – we all know that these guys are nasty fuckers, so use that nastiness in the movie!

Na, not great overall I’m afraid. Had an interesting angle to begin with, and even a few funny moments (for the right reasons), but the filmmakers didn’t really have a plan of action for the cartel scenes.

Not for me.


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