World War Dead ( 2015 ) – Zombie Found Footage


World War Dead ( 2015 ) - Zombie Found Footage

Well it looks like I’ve hit a real stinker in Found Footage crap this week folks! First I had to endure Asylum: The Lost Footage and now this monstrosity.

I’ve watched it so I might as well review it – after all that is the reason I started up this site in the first place…

World War Dead ( yeah seriously – that is it’s name! ) is a zombie Found Footage film from the UK. Being Welsh one would think I’d be a little biased towards this picture but I’m afraid no matter how hard I tried…that was never going to be the case!

Keeping a Straight Face

I’m afraid I must have had my ‘thick as shit’ hat on the other night as I fell for a few positive reviews on this film. You know the trick – a crap film gets released and all the crew and their family members troll about online leaving awesome reviews.

One would think I’ve been in this game long enough to avoid these types of banana skins…

…apparently not!

So I had to sit through this dire attempt at Found Footage and take notes here and there for the purpose of this review. Don’t expect anything by Shakespeare here, I had difficulty keeping a straight face throughout…

The Plot ( if You Can Call it That! )

Dr. Brian Locke and his documentary crew travel to a French field to shoot a documentary about the Battle of Somme.

Not long into the filming process they come across the skeleton remains of a solider in a lake positioned near their field. They decide to pull the corpse out to examine it further ( naturally! ).

This seems to spark off some sort of alert to the undead and the group is quickly set upon by a horde of reanimated troops.

This results in a desperate nighttime scramble for survival through the old trenches and tunnels. Will the crew manage to survive the night?

100% Effort

Before I get to hard on this fateful movie I should point out that the filmmakers have obviously put 100% effort into it. The problem is they probably only had $10 and a chicken sandwich as a budget to fall back on.

The whole film had the feel of being put together with props from a hardware chain store. A lot of low budget Found Footage films tend to get past this drawback in style, but this one didn’t!

They somehow seemed to have put a lot more effort into the start of the film and left the ‘action scenes’ to chance. I felt the first 20 to 30 minutes were quite well done. The actors played their roles well and there was careful pacing and admirable atmospherics.

When the zombies turn up the whole thing descends into a bit of an unorganized mess. The initial attack is way to sudden – it manages to piss all over the atmosphere and character development achieved through the initial scenes.

So yes, there was definitely a lot of effort put into this film – but talent is something that you are born with ( you can’t purchase it in a store! ).

I’m afraid that’s what this mess all boils down to – a lack of talent on the filmmaking side of things ( a bit harsh but ‘it is what it is’ I’m afraid ).


I never like writing bad reviews about films but sometimes I’m just left with no alternative. This film was poor but thankfully it was nowhere near as diabolically bad as Asylum: The Lost Footage ( thank f##k! Two experiences like that in one week would have killed off my love of Found Footage! )

If they had stuck to the ingredients they were using at the start of the film this could very well have turned out to be something worthwhile. As it stands, it was very forgettable and even a little humorous in places ( unconscious humor at that! ).

I think I’ll probably re-watch something class like Troll Hunter tonight to reinforce my faith in this genre. I haven’t actually written a review for it yet so it’s about time I included it on this site…




  1. Hello Chris,
    I take it you did not like this movie at all? LOL
    Being a movie critic means you will have to sit thru some dogs to be service to your readers.
    Thanks for sitting thru this one for all of us so we are saved the pain.


    • Hey San!
      Nope, this was a total stinker I’m afraid and yes I had to sit through it all LOL. I’ll be honest with you – I’m getting used to it these days. Still for every piss poor Found Footage film there’s always a good one around the corner ( swings and roundabouts as they say! ).

  2. I’ll be honest, zombie films just have never really done it for me. Every one that I see is just so corny. However, because of The Walking Dead, I hear people always raving about Zombie movies. That is what brought me to this review – I guess I will keep looking and not waste my time on this one.

    • Yeah this one is highly unlikely to ignite any interest in zombie movies I’m afraid Kevin – best stick to the Walking Dead and give this one a miss 🙂

  3. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad! I love movies like this, but to sit through something like this, probably not! It may be good for a laugh though! I will have to go thru the rest of your movies to see which one I want to watch. Thanks for alerting us to the not so good ones too. Maybe if they had more backing it wouldn’t be as bad!

    • Yeah there are plenty of worthwhile films covered on this site but this is not one of them – bad page to land up on really 🙂

  4. Hi Chris,
    Yeah I hear you on this one. I have seen so many movies myself over the years that I tend to get very critical when I see one that doesn’t meet the criteria I’m used with – especially if it’s a low budget production.

    It reminds me on how Sylvester Stallone started out with Rocky back in the days and how big a success it was. So maybe there is a lesson to learn here. Special effects when done with low budget doesn’t make good impression… And if there is no real interesting story to tell in it well… it’s even worse. We’re not in the 60s anymore…

  5. Oh dear lord, I hate falling for those “positive reviews” online, it is often easy to tell when they are clearly being biased and were paid or bribed to write those reviews. Like the Transformers movie starring Mark Wahlberg, everybody raved about it, but I personally didn’t like it save for a few cool scenes like the Lockdown scene. The Texas was the dumbest.

  6. My two daughters watch “The Walking Dead” , they’ve seen all the episodes up until now and absolutely love this kind of stuff. They’re always looking for new movies and sci-fi tv shows to watch, it’s good I stumbled on this so i can give them the head’s up on “what not to watch.” Thanks for the great review. – Brenda

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