Zero Day ( 2003 ) – Famous School Shootings

Zero Day ( 2003 ) - Famous School Shootings

Zero Day is a Found Footage film based around the famous school shootings that have occurred over the years in the US. I was a little surprised that the film makers had decided to go down this avenue due to the subject matter being a little touchy at best.

But the film tries it’s best not to glamorize the whole subject and sticks pretty much to the point throughout. Dark, intelligent and very disturbing…..

Brave And Original

Using the idea of famous school shootings to create any sort of film is a brave, brave move. I can imagine feelings in America are always going to be quite raw when it comes to this subject.

Personally I think it was a very original idea to embark upon that took a lot of guts – surely the film makers must have encountered some sort of resistance along the way?


The film was a very professional Found Footage film – there was no sign of teenagers running around dark forests here! The start of the film had a very professional set up of credits and titles. There was no sign of a typical found footage style start – ‘this footage was found by police on…………’ and so on!

The film started like a regular movie and I got a sort of kick from that – I knew I was watching something that had a great deal of effort put into it!

The two main characters in the film were very good actors and I had no problem believing their mannerisms and actions. The blonder of the the two seemed to have something very sinister about him – I couldn’t take my eyes off him for the first few minutes due to the darkness he provided on screen.

The Family Situation

As with most famous school shootings this film made a point of highlighting the fact these two boys came from normal families. This was one of the most intelligent points to the film.

The interaction the two boys had on camera with their families was very normal. We got to see their love for their parents and their brothers/sisters – it was all very creepy.

Since I first watched the film about two nights ago I have not been able to get it out of my head. There is a certain heartbreak to the whole idea that two such normal boys could be involved in something so dark and violent.

The Build up

The film builds up gradually from the boys carrying out small acts of grief to the big finale. After throwing eggs at the homes of various people who had wronged them things took a turn for the worse.

All of a sudden we are witnessing the boys timing themselves loading and preparing a rifle of some sort. The whole thing gets very unnerving and there is a feeling of dread throughout the film.

Famous School Shootings

As with most of the famous school shootings this plan was well thought out and that’s what makes it so creepy. The boys explain everything they are going to do to the camera and why they are going to do it. They also leave video messages to their parents making sure they know it is not their fault.

I found the film offered a certain amount of heartbreak and feelings of despair – this was a credit to the filmmakers. When they are training with the guns in a local forest the whole thing seems very realistic. The two boys are calm throughout the whole process and this is very, very eerie.


This is an intelligent story based on the famous school shootings that have happened in the US over the last couple of decades. It’s bound to raise a few eyebrows and some people are going to be disgusted with it.

The normality of the two boys and the fact the film shows both of them as proper ‘family members’ makes the whole thing a lot more frightening. In my book this is one of the most impressive Found Footage films out there and it was pleasure to watch and review.

Whilst the subject of famous school shootings is always going to be a touchy one it is a subject that sort of needs to be covered. In a country where owning a firearm is legal you expect a film or two like this to eventually be released.

This was an incredible experience and I recommend EVERYBODY who uses this site to take the time to watch it – you will not be disappointed!



  1. There were pretty much a lot of shootings in USA especially at the interval 2000-2010. But I think one of the most famous one of them is the one with that blond kid raising hell.

    It even has been mentioned in the epic series American Horror Story first season. Have you watched it? Are they the same person they’re demonstrating?

    • Hmmm I’m not sure where you are going with this Tyler – you do realize that the blonde kid in the image at the top of this review is the actor involved in the film? If so, great!

      I’m not from the US so I’m not really that clued up on the school shootings etc. At the end of the day as long as guns are legal you are going to have nutcases that walk into schools and use them!

      So I don’t really know much about the ‘blonde kid raising hell’ you mentioned…but I have heard of the Columbine High School shootings (was the blonde kid involved in these?)

      Anyway, I’ve watched a few episodes of American Horror Story – not for me I’m afraid! I like a different style of horror!

      Great speaking with you! 🙂

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